Vanraam Easy Rider Compact Tricycle

Description Easy Rider Compact tricycle

The Easy Rider Compact is a compact tricycle with a seat on which you can cycle very easily. This comfortable tricycle is suitable for small adults and large children. The trike has both a compact look and compact dimensions. The Easy Rider Compact has similar riding characteristics as the Easy Rider tricycle. The main difference being that the Easy Rider Compact is a lot more compact. The unique frame allows for a low entry level and a lower centre of gravity. This makes you feel safe and secure on the tricycle.

The forward pedalling motion and suspension in the seat ensure perfect riding comfort, making short but also longer distances comfortable. The seat of the seated tricycle is adjustable. The Easy Rider Compact is very manoeuvrable and has a small turning radius.

The Easy Rider Compact is suitable with an inner leg length of approximately 63 cm to 81 cm. This corresponds to a body height of about 1.40 to 1.70 metres.


The Easy Rider Compact has a compact design, due to, among other things, a small front wheel and larger rear wheels. This seated tricycleb also has a narrower handlebar and shorter cranks than the Easy Rider. There are standard anti-tipping wheels at the back of the frame. In normal use, on flat road surfaces, you will not tip over backwards. If the bike reverses on a steep slope (maximum 10%) and you then apply the brakes, the bike could tip over. The anti-tipping wheels will ensure you don’t tip over backwards. Check the user manual of the Easy Rider Compact for all safety measures for cycling on a slope.

Almost all cables run through the frame. This not only looks nice, but also gives the cables extra protection. In addition, the Easy Rider Compact has a chain hose instead of a chain guard which contributes to a modern and minimalist design.

With the Easy Rider Compact, a luggage frame is mounted on the backrest. A single-sided pannier can easily be attached to the pannier rack. You can also easily take it off when doing groceries, or simply use it to store personal items while cycling. The luggage frame can accommodate most single-sided panniers. The optional battery on this trike is placed sideways on the bicycle, between the two rear wheels. The battery rail is therefore made so that the battery only has to be partially slid onto the carriage and can easily be removed.


Thanks to the various options, the Easy Rider Compact can be adjusted to your needs and wishes. Think of a mirror, footrests, stick holder or a larger battery. All options are listed in our bike configurator or on the price list of the Easy Rider Compact.

The Easy Rider Compact has the standard colour wine red matt (RAL 3005), but it is of course also available in another frame colour of your choice.

Smart e-bike

With optional pedal support, the Easy Rider Compact becomes a smart e-bike. With the new Silent smart display, among other things, you can easily set the desired level of support. The information screen displays current cycling information, such as speed and remaining battery capacity. Van Raam’s Silent electric system is equipped with a starting aid, giving you extra support when cycling away. Read more about the Silent smart display in the article ‘Instructions Silent smart display for Van Raam bicycles’.

Standard Features
  • Luggage frame suitable for single-sided pannier

  • Anti-tipping wheels

  • Parking brake

  • Lock

  • Lighting

  • Adjustable handlebar stem

  • Differential

  • 5 year warranty on frame

  • Comfortable and easy cycling
  • Fits through a normal door
  • Many different adjustment options for seat
  • Stable riding performance
  • Excellent comfort with side support
  • Cables run through the frame and are therefore well protected
  • Mechanical disc brakes front and hydraulic disc brakes rear
  • Very compact size

  • Extremely maneuverable and a small turning circle

  • Optimal riding comfort due to suspended seat

  • Depth-adjustable comfortable seat

  • Stable, low seating position ensures a safe feeling

  • Cycling comfortably and lightly

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Great handling and stability

  • Cables run through the frame and are well-protected

  • Front mechanical disc brake and rear hydraulic disc brake



Item code

Average range (default battery)
50 km

Min-max range (default battery)
29 – 94 km

Inside leg length
63-81 cm

Boarding height
32 cm

Weight without electrical system
39 kg

Weight with electrical system
51.2 kg

Cycle length
174 cm

Cycle width
73 cm

Wheel size front

Wheel size back

Standard color
(RAL 3005) Wine red matt

2nd color (extra charge)
(RAL 7002) Olive grey matt

3rd color (extra charge)
(RAL 7043) Traffic grey B matt

RAL color of choice

Maximum driver weight
100 kg

Maximum luggage carrier weight
10 kg

Possible separable frame