Get to Your

Happy Place.

CoMotion provides a diverse range of shared transport solutions to suit every journey. First/last km, a days sightseeing by bike or car, or just a way to meet up with friends. Wherever your happy place is, CoMotion will get you there! 





CoMotion offers share cars for communities and companies. All vehicles are fully maintained by CoMotion offering a simple hands-off solution for participants. Access is controlled through the CoMotion App and cars are available for 1 hour or a full day, whichever suits your needs.

eScooters are the emerging mode of transport for private and public share schemes across the globe. Simple, effective and super cool, the CoMotion eScooter is equally at home on the streets of a major city or a college campus.





As part of our commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable transport, we are proud to announce the arrival of our new flagship ebike. The New CoMotion shared electric bike is the ultimate shared transport solution.

– Extended range of up to 100kms.

– More comfortable saddle and seating position.

– Air-filled puncture-resistant tyres front & rear.

– Low Carbon Footprint.

– Manufactured in Europe.

– Made from 100% recycled aluminum.

– Accessible to more users.

Flexible & Affordable.


Ease of Use

One app will allow users access to all modes of transport*. Simple, convenient and there when you need it.

All inclusive Service

As a member, you’ll have nothing to worry about. We cover all maintenance, repairs, insurance and cleaning.


AA Ireland has reported that it costs €10,593.26 a year to run a family car.  And it spends most of its life parked !


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any queries we’re here 7 days a week to help you as best we can and we’re developing video tutorials to help you even more.

Vehicle Location

All our vehicles are satellite tracked and accurate to 1 square meter so the CoMotion App will accurately locate your ride.

Free Coffee

Nah, we’re only joking, but with all the money you’ll save you can afford that extra skinny latte with your friends.

CoMotion Electric Cars

The environment is a key driver for our project so it was essential that we included 100% electric cars in our fleet. The same easy access as with all our vehicles but, would you mind plugging it back in when you’re finished?

CoMotion Car Share

We utilise the latest in telematics technology to provide secure and verified access to our fleet of shared cars. Once your account is opened and verified you’re just a few clicks away from one of our vehicles. One hour, one day or one week, the choice is yours.

Choose a Transport mode that Fits Your Needs.

City Bike

Short Commute

  • Transport Hubs
  • Cities
  • Private Schemes

City ebikes

Commute with ease

  • Transport Hubs
  • Cities
  • Private Schemes


Inner City

  • Short hops
  • Cities
  • Private Schemes

Hybrid Bikes

Short to Medium Journeys

  • Rural Towns & Areas
  • Tourist locations
  • Hotels & Private Schemes
Cars & Vans
  • Rural Towns & Areas
  • Tourist locations
  • Hotels
  • Commercial & Retail Parks

Make your environment


We are all concerned about our environment and how much of a positive impact each of us can make. By using shared transport we can individually reduce our mobility emissions by up to 18%

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