Shannon Launch

CoMotion has launched its first scheme in Shannon, Co.Clare. The scheme incorporates 50 ebikes which are located across the 600 acre Shannon Free Zone, Shannon Airport and Shannon Town. The scheme is Free Floating and utilises virtual Docking Stations at 20 locations across the region.

Corporate Sponsors

 The Shannon Scheme is a collaboration between local businesses and the Shannon Municipal District Council. Sponsors gain by having access to their own branded ebikes for their staff and allow for bikes to be available to the public in the Town Centre. Contact our sales team for more details.

Get to Your

Happy Place.

CoMotion provides shared mobility solutions for Private and Corporate environments.  Our unique platform is secure, robust, user friendly and utilises both docked and free-floating shred ebike solutions . Wherever your happy place is, CoMotion will get you there!







Recycled Mobility

As part of our commitment to sustainable transport, our main fleet bike is manufactured in Europe (less air miles!!) and the frame is made from recycled aluminium, making it the most environmentally friendly ebike in the sector. 

• Made from recycled aluminum.

•  Extended range of up to 100kms.

•  More comfortable saddle and seating position.

•  Air-filled puncture-resistant tyres front & rear.

•  Low Carbon Footprint.

•  Manufactured in Europe.

•  Accessible to more users.

Flexible & Affordable.


Ease of Use

One app will allow users access to all modes of transport*. Simple, convenient and there when you need it.

All inclusive Service

All our packages include full Public Liability Insurance and Maintenance & Repairs by our fully qualified CyTech Certified Mechanics.



AA Ireland has reported that it costs €10,593.26 a year to run a family car.  And it spends most of its life parked! You can access our shared mobility modes from as little as €1.00.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any queries we’re here 7 days a week to help you as best we can and we’re developing video tutorials to help you even more.

Vehicle Location

All our vehicles are satellite tracked and accurate to 1 square meter so the CoMotion App will accurately locate your ride.

Free Coffee

Nah, we’re only joking, but with all the money you’ll save you can afford that extra skinny latte with your friends.

Choose a Bike that Fits Your Needs.

Traditional Bikes

Tourism / Commuter

  • Transport Hubs
  • Hotels / Tourism
  • Private Schemes

Electric  Bikes

Corporate / Tourism 

  • Transport Hubs
  • Corporate Schemes
  • Private Schemes

Make your environment


We are all concerned about our environment and how much of a positive impact each of us can make. By using shared transport we can individually reduce our mobility emissions by up to 18%

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