Suitable for Adults who are unable to ride a regular two-wheel bicycle and want to find a good and safe alternative. VanRaam’s tricycle or trike is specially designed for adults and seniors who want extra support and stability while cycling.

VanRaam has various types of tricycles:

  • Traditional tricycles: two wheels behind and one wheel in front, high seat.
  • Low-entry tricycles: With both feet on the ground
  • Tricycles with two wheels in front and one wheel behind.
  • Comfortable tricycle: with seating, low entry, and lower seating position.
  • Mobility scooter bicycle: can also be used without pedaling.

Vanraam Easy Rider Tricycle

  • Comfortable sitting with backrest
  • Light cycling and steering
  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort

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Easy Rider Compact tricycle

  • Small adults and large children
  • Very compact
  • Very manoeuvrable due to small turning circle

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

  • With sporty handlebars below
  • Comfortable sitting with backrest
  • Easy to get on and off

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Maxi tricycle

  • Stable and agile
  • Smooth running
  • Accessible entry

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Viktoria tricycle

  • Smaller adults
  • Easy to estimate the width of a tricycle
  • Low step through

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Viktor tricycle

  • Easy to estimate the width of a tricycle
  • Low step through
  • Pedal support is possible

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Maxi Comfort tricycle

  • Easy to get on and off due to the low spacious step through
  • Ergonomically sitting position
  • Several frame-sizes

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Midi tricycle

  • Children aged 8 and above or shorter adults
  • Agile and smooth running
  • Modern design and trendy colours

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Easy Go scooter bike

  • Electrical bicycle and scooter bike
  • Compact stable and agile
  • Short turning radius


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