CoMotion is the Sole Agent for Vanraam Specialist Bikes in Ireland. Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles for people with a disability and specialises in tricycles, scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step-through bikes (also known as comfort bikes). We operate a Nationwide Mobile Showroom so our customers can try before you buy. Please contact our sales dept to see when we’re next in your area.

Tricycles For Adults

Tricycles for Children

People, who cannot ride on a regular bicycle, look for a proper and safe alternative. The Van Raam tricycle is specially designed for people, who want to have extra support and stability while cycling. Using the numerous options, modifications and customisations, if required, we manufacture every tricycle unique. All the tricycles are also available as electric bikes.     
Van Raam has various types of tricycles:
  • Traditional tricycle, two-wheels behind and one wheel in front
  • Low step-through tricycle
  • Comfortable tricycle with seating, low step-through and lower sitting position
  • Compact electric scooter bikes that can also be used without pedalling
  • Tricycle with two wheels in front and one wheel behind

Traditional tricycle

The traditional tricycle is a cycle with two wheels behind and one wheel in front, where the seat is placed above the bottom bracket. You pedal almost straight downwards and sit relatively high on the bike. As the frame of a tricycle is not inclined at the bend, it takes a little getting used to for some people. With one front wheel, this type of cycle can be manoeuvred more easily. This is also because practically all Van Raam cycles are equipped with a differential. Van Raam has different sizes for this type of tricycle. 

Low step-through tricycle

Van Raam has a variant of the traditional tricycle. This has a low spacious step-through and easier sitting position. Instead of above the pedals, you sit a little behind them. This gives you a lower sitting position, so you can always mount with both your legs on the ground and have optimum space for knee movement. In this variant you do not need to raise the legs high for mounting and can draw the seat underneath yourself and then sit. With a lower centre of gravity, this tricycle feels more comfortable than the conventional ones. The lower sitting position puts less strain on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists. The Maxi Comfort is available with a smaller, standard and extra-high frame. Many people find this cycle easier to ride than a traditional tricycle. 

Comfortable tricycle with seating, low step-through and lower sitting position    

There is a tricycle with a low step-through, seating with back support and a forward pedalling position designed for people, who want to cycle in a comfortable and stable manner. You sit at a lower height, which gives you a lower centre of gravity, thereby boosting confidence and giving a feeling of safety.  Almost anyone can ride without getting used it on this cycle. The comfort seat gives your back support and adequate space for sitting. This completely different cycling position hardly puts any pressure on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. As you are practically sitting between the rear wheels, you also have fewer problems anticipating the width. There is an adult and a junior variant of this type of tricycle. There is also a sports model with under-steering. 

Compact electric scooter bike

The compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or variable energy level. There are three options available on this tricycle: you can ride the trike by just pedalling, you can ride it by pedalling with electric pedal support, or you can use 100% electric power assist. When you fold the footrest down, you do not pedal anymore and use the cycle as a scooter. This can have variable speed levels. You can easily decide which type of support you want during the cycle ride. 

Tricycle with two wheels in front and one rear wheel

For people who have difficulty estimating the width of a tricycle, there is a tricycle with two front-wheels and one rear wheel. This design helps the tricycle rider to always be in a position to correctly judge whether he or she can pass through or along someplace. This type of cycle is also called a T-bike or a trike. The saddle of this type of tricycle is placed above the pedals. You pedal almost straight downwards and sit relatively high on the bike. Two wheels in front are somewhat heavier to control and have a greater turning radius than one wheel in front. 

Stability and safety  

Van Raam’s tricycle bikes provides stability and create a sense of safety while cycling. They are easy to get on and come with great seat support. Van Raam also has a tandem trike bike in her wide range of products, providing our customers with good stability and an easy way of getting on and off of your bike. The tricycle bike stands out from the training wheels because they provide more stability, are smooth running and always make contact with all wheels to the surface.


Available options  

All tricycle bikes are available as an electric bike with pedal support, also called power assistance, and there are many options available to personalize the bike. Most models feature a large carrier. Van Raam supplies the tricycle bike in different formats. There are tricycles for toddlers, children and smalller and large adults.